Rate Mutual Funds

Inveska looks beyond past performance and the fund prospectus to rate mutual funds so that you can provide your clients with better investment analysis.

screenshot We will give you data so you can identity funds to avoid because their management engages in performance robbing behaviors, find funds to help you round out a portfolio, and easily determine whether a fund belongs in a taxable or tax-advantaged account.


On the Inveska website you will be able to:
  • Enter a fund ticker and check its rating
  • Find similar funds with better ratings
  • Compare funds side-by-side

Best yet, build a custom report based on your analysis and email the report to your clients.

Beta Program

Before the Inveska service is available to the general public, we will run a limited availability beta program to get customer feedback.

Beta Program Notification

Sign-up today and we will notify you as soon as the beta program starts.